General Contracting

Lundgren Builders, Inc. is a division of Lundgren Management to meet the contracting needs of the industry. Our primary goal is to provide superior service, quality, and timeliness to each project at the best possible prices. Lundgren Builders believes in providing an “open book” pricing approach when constructing projects. Our philosophy is to shift away from the nondisclosure traditional method of construction pricing and provide our Clients the details necessary to build a project.  Our “open book” philosophy eliminates adversarial positions and allows us to truly represent our clients when constructing a project.

Lundgren Builders also offers a design/build delivery program, where an owner does not have to dedicate, develop, or commit personnel resources to the development and execution of a project.  With the needs of the owner in mind, Lundgren Builders will supervise and manage the architectural, engineering, bidding, contracting, and building from the beginning to the end of the project. Lundgren Builders will provide the leadership, integrity and teamwork from conception to occupancy ensuring the Owner of desired results.

We partner with owners, architects, engineers and other consultants in creating not only quality structures, but also quality relationships.  We are dedicated to delivering proactive business approaches with integrity that recognizes the unique needs of our clients.

General Contractor Classification “B”
License No. 891021