Dynamic Building Info and Latest Technology

Embracing Technology for Success

Lundgren continues to embrace new technology that streamlines our workflow and enhances our close working relationships with clients and contractors.

The state-of-the-art technology we’ve implemented into our work has helped make projects better and run more smoothly and eliminate waste. What continues to set us apart is that we emphasize strong personal relationships with each client, reminding them that they are part of the process.

For example, our use of Building Information Modeling has become a standard part of our work, helping us create detailed project records to identify and resolve problems and create a reference database for future maintenance use.

Our use of Bluebeam software has had a very positive impact on the projects we undertake. Generating PDF files, Bluebeam allows project assessors to upload photos and data directly from their tablets, creating detailed, constantly updated project plans that can show clients where there are deficiencies or issues to be addressed.

For instance, on a school district project, Bluebeam helped us identify and demonstrate to district officials roughly a half-million dollars in needed upgrades, maintenance and modernization work. Meanwhile, on another construction project, Bluebeam is allowed Lundgren to go completely paperless, eliminating the waste that can invariably come with multiple printed change orders and project updates.

Another tool that has proven itself indispensable is the use of Multivista, which provides comprehensive photo documentation of construction projects.

For example, at our project site for the construction of the David G. Millen Intermediate School in Palmdale, Multivista’s multiple camera angles allow for constant progress updates, allowing the client visual insight into the project’s progression. Additionally, these photos were indexed to the project’s architectural plans, helping create a detailed record of the project that can prove invaluable for maintenance and reference needs in the future.

At the end of the day, incorporating new technology helps Lundgren continue to be an industry leader, and it also gives our clients a fuller understanding of the work we do and more peace of mind that their projects are in the hands of experts.